App Development Services


App Development Services

At Alphech Global we are dedicated, to assisting brands in creating and developing quality digital products that provide seamless user experiences across various modern platforms and devices.

We offer a range of services for application management, integration and design. Our team takes charge of the mobile app development process starting from ideation and concept creation to delivery and ongoing support whether it’s a customer focused app or an innovative enterprise level solution.


Our Services Include;

Tailored iOS and Android App Development;

Alphech Global specializes in crafting applications tailored to meet the specific demands and requirements of our clients. Our team ensures the development of feature applications for both iOS using technologies like Swift, Objective C, SwiftUI, CocoaPods, RxSwift XCTest well, as Android utilizing Kotlin, Java, Gradle, Dagger2, Jetpack Coroutines, Fastlane.

Cross Platform Solutions;

Our experts excel at building apps for iOS and Android that optimize user experience and performance.Moreover we offer solutions that work seamlessly across platforms utilizing technologies, like React Native, Flutter Native Script, Javascript and Typescript. This ensures that your app functions flawlessly in scenarios.

Development for Additional Platforms;

At Alphech Global we provide services to expand your application to platforms. This allows for an unified user experience by adapting and refining the application to work on devices and operating systems.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design;

We understand the significance of UI and UX design in creating effective applications. Our team focuses on developing intuitive interfaces that enhance usability and user satisfaction.

Consultation and Prototyping;

Alphech Global offers services to assist clients at every stage of the app development process. Before commencing full scale development we collaborate with our professionals to conceptualize and refine the apps features and functionalities through prototypes. Their expertise is invaluable from ideation to concept development.

Automated Quality Assurance (QA). Testing;

To ensure the reliability and functionality of your application we employ QA processes along, with thorough testing procedures. This involves subjecting the application to testing scenarios to identify and resolve any issues thereby enhancing its overall quality.

Power Management, Notifications and Geofencing;

Our team has expertise in optimizing battery life for apps ensuring utilization of device capabilities. Additionally, we implement geofencing and alert systems that enhance user engagement and provide location based services.

Embedded Android & AOSP Customizations;

Through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Alphech Global specializes in embedded Android development and customizations. This enables us to optimize solutions tailored to requirements.

Maintenance and Post Warranty Support;

Our commitment extends beyond the stages of development. We address any issues that may arise and offer post warranty assistance along, with maintenance to ensure your software remains secure up to date and functioning as intended.

To deliver applications that not meet but exceed expectations Alphech Global combines technical expertise with a client focused approach that fosters digital innovation and corporate growth.


Mobile Application Development Services, for Various Platforms;

Here is our expertise, in developing types of applications;

Native Mobile App Development;

At Alphech Global we have experience in creating custom apps specifically designed for iOS and Android platforms. By utilizing programming languages like Kotlin or Java for Android and Swift for iOS our native apps leverage the features and capabilities of each operating system. This ensures speed. Delivers a seamless user experience tailored to the specific features of each platform.

Hybrid Mobile App Development;

Our team specializes in developing platform software using a combination of web and native application technologies. This approach allows us to create a codebase that can run on platforms reducing both development costs and time. To strike a balance between platform independence and achieving performance we employ technologies such as React Native, Flutter Native Script, Javascript and Typescript.

Progressive Web App Development;

Alphech Global excels in building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that offer the functionality and installability to apps while utilizing a single codebase. PWAs provide users with engaging experiences across hardware devices and web browsers. We utilize technologies, like React, Angular, Redux, Polymer, Workbox and Lighthouse to develop feature web apps that deliver performance.

Wearables and Embedded Software;

At Alphech Global we have expertise in integrating devices and embedded software. We also specialize in creating companion apps for technologies like fitness trackers and smartwatches. Our focus is, on enhancing the functionality and user experience of these wearables. By integrating them with embedded software we ensure an interconnected ecosystem for users.