Cloud Implementations


Cloud Implementations

At Alphech Global we pride ourselves on being a partner, for efficient cloud implementations that transform businesses. Our team at Vyom Labs understands the needs of your company enabling us to leverage Amazons AWS Services and develop top notch solutions. With our expertise and proficiency in executing solutions we are your go to choice for navigating the cloud environment.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon EC2 offers secure computing capabilities within the AWS cloud services eliminating the need for upfront investments in hardware. This allows you to accelerate application development and deployment without any hassle.

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

AMI simplifies virtual instance deployments by providing templated data required to launch instances making it easier to reuse model based instances. This quick deployment technique streamlines policy based virtual infrastructure deployments.

Spot Instances

For cost data analysis batch jobs, background processing or non essential tasks during peak hours Spot Instances are a choice. They provide on demand processing power without breaking the bank.

Auto Scaling

With AWS Auto Scaling you can create scaling plans that automatically adapt to fluctuations, in demand without incurring infrastructure costs. This ensures application performance at all times.

Elastic Load Balancing

To ensure distribution of traffic within an Availability Zone (AZ) or, across multiple AZs ELB automatically directs requests to a group of EC2 instances, containers and Lambda functions.


Lambda is a computing platform that operates without the need for servers. It dynamically distributes workload by executing code based on triggered events.


Storage Solutions

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

S3 offers object storage with an interface designed for web services. It is user friendly scalable. Provides long term durability.

S3 Glacier

S3 Glacier is an affordable storage solution for backing up data over the term. It offers security measures to keep your data safe.

Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

For EC2 instances EBS serves as storage that maintains data integrity after termination. With encryption capabilities it provides protection.

FSx File Storage

Client data is stored securely in FSx, which utilizes an parallel file storage approach.

Storage Gateway

By integrating cloud storage with on premise applications Storage Gateway enables storage management of application data.

AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball simplifies the transfer of volumes of data to Amazon availability zones, by allowing for transportation of hard drives and assembled drives. Up to 83 TB of data can be transferred using the AWS Snowball device.

Database Solutions

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

RDS simplifies the scalability, operation and setup of databases. It also provides cost self capacity management services.

Amazon Redshift

Redshift is a data warehousing service that's user friendly, fast and reasonably priced. It allows for sharing query outputs, with services or affordable storage options like S3.

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a SQL database designed to store large volumes of unstructured data. It offers high performance solutions with data retrievals.

Aurora DB

Aurora DB is a managed database that delivers reliable and speedy performance at reasonable costs. It supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility.

Network & Content Delivery

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

By utilizing a Virtual Cloud (VPC) you can easily launch AWS resources in an isolated virtual network. This ensures access to resources and applications.

Amazon Route 53

Route 53 is an scalable DNS web service. It provides an cost effective way to connect customers with internet applications.

NAT Gateway

NAT Gateway is an AWS managed service that enables internet access, for instances located within subnets in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud. Sure! Here the paraphrased version;

AWS Direct Connect

For an secure cloud service solution you can establish a network connection using AWS Direct Connect from your location to AWS.

Amazon CloudFront

CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) service that ensures fast data transfer rates and minimal latency. It allows you to securely deliver data, videos, apps and APIs across the globe.

AWS PrivateLink

To ensure the privacy of your traffic to the internet AWS PrivateLink enables private communication, between Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and services.

Management and Governance

Amazon CloudWatch

CloudWatch enables management of infrastructure by providing monitoring and computation capabilities for Amazon environments infrastructure resources.

AWS CloudTrail

With AWS CloudTrail you can access an event history of activities in your AWS account. It facilitates governance, compliance, operational auditing as risk auditing.

AWS OpsWorks

OpsWorks is a configuration management service that automates server setup, deployment and management tasks. It offers managed instances of Chef and Puppet for operations.


Streams Storage

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Utilizing Amazon Kinesis Data Streams allows ingestion of types of data, from numerous sources. This service empowers you to process and analyze streaming data based on requirements.

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a communication channel that acts as a gateway, to group endpoints. It supports methods of communication, including email addresses, HTTP/S, AWS Lambda and Amazon SQS.

  • With Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose you can easily and reliably load streaming data into data lakes, data stores and analytics services. This managed service automatically scales to handle your needs.

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a message queuing service that handles the management and scalability of distributed systems, serverless apps and microservices while keeping them decoupled.

  • To ensure key management across multiple AWS services AWS Key Management Service (KMS) offers robust protection by utilizing hardware security modules.

  • By implementing AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) you can safeguard your web applications or APIs against vulnerabilities and enhance their resilience against DDoS attacks.

  • AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) allows you to establish and manage AWS users and groups efficiently. It provides control over permissions to ensure the administration of access, to AWS services and resources.