Legacy Software Modernization


Legacy Software Modernization

Upgrade your legacy software with Alphech Globals Legacy Software Upgrade Services to embrace modernity and unlock the potential of your applications. It is crucial to keep your software up, to date for performance enhanced development opportunities and an exceptional user experience in todays evolving technology landscape.

Neglecting updates not exposes you to security breaches. Also hampers efficiency by granting easy access to cybercriminals. Allow Alphech Global to be your trusted partner in maintaining an evergreen web application ensuring its safety and relevance in the world.


What You Get

  • Access to integrations, APIs, technologies and expanded code libraries.
  • A modern application that complies with audit requirements.
  • Improved. Accelerated development.
  • Enhanced user experiences that entice users to return to your app.
Why Should You Upgrade?

You should consider upgrading your legacy app if;

  • The version of software you are currently using is no longer supported.
  • You want performance by leveraging bug fixes and new language features.
  • Regulatory challenges require the use of technologies.
  • Your old solution is vulnerable due, to security flaws.
Types of Upgrades We Offer for Legacy Systems
  • Upgrading the Framework
  • Upgrading Libraries
  • Enhancing the Visuals
  • The Importance of Mobile Enablement
We specialize in modernizing systems to ensure they are compatible, with devices providing users with increased convenience. It is essential for businesses to be mobile

friendly in order to improve enterprise mobility enhance user experience and reach a customer base considering that mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic.

Prioritizing Security

One of the reasons why businesses should promptly upgrade their outdated systems is due to security concerns. Studies have shown that 95% of web programs have vulnerabilities or security holes that can be exploited and the average cost of data breaches for businesses amounts to $3.92 million.

Step by Step Legacy System Upgrade Services

The upgrading process typically involves steps;

Planning the Upgrade;

This includes developing an upgrade strategy by assessing the app environment and ensuring compatibility.

Preparing for the Upgrade;

Prior to proceeding with the upgrade it is important to examine your apps create backups of your app environment and undeploy if necessary.

Upgrading the Web App;

This step involves installing the versions of frameworks updating libraries and configuring APIs specific to your application.

Completing Post Upgrade Procedures;

Once the upgrade is completed it is crucial to conduct an assessment of your infrastructure, as a whole. Additionally confirming that any modifications made to your app are functioning properly before pushing it into production.


Do you have a desktop application that needs upgrading?

Compared to desktop applications web apps offer flexibility. Alphech Global specializes in helping customers transition their desktop applications to the web making them more accessible and expanding their reach.

Advice, from ModLogix;

Is it possible to upgrade legacy systems on your own? Upgrading an application is often a project that is best handled by professionals. Internal initiatives may struggle if significant changes to frameworks are required.

Signs that indicate the need for assistance when deferring upgrading;
  • If a websites content or design lacks appeal 38% of users may choose not to interact with it.
  • There are differences between framework versions.
  • Third party libraries are being used.
  • You plan on making modifications.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your legacy systems? Contact Alphech Global today.